Eric Schlich: husband, writer, rising star

Words cannot express how proud, thrilled, and elated I am for my husband, Eric Schlich. He’s won both the 2016 Stella Kupferberg Memorial Short Story Prize, selected by T.C. Boyle, and the 2016 New South Writing Contest, selected by Matthew Salesses!

About his story, “Head Over Knees,” T.C. Boyle says:

“This story, from its terse and provocative first line to the exquisite ending, reveals its meaning like a palimpsest. The first indication of what is going on here—the first jolt—comes when the narrator, instead of giving us the expected response to his classmate’s death, thinks, instead: ‘good.’ This leads to a beautifully compressed recounting of his resentment toward that classmate and finally to the knockout punch of the last line. To my mind, ‘Head Over Knees’ stands as the very model of what a short-short story can achieve, opening up to the kind of richness and depth one might expect from a much longer piece. Bravo!”

— T.C. Boyle


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