Latest Publications

POETRY CHAPBOOK: Yawns Between Strangers Finishing Line Press, June 2014

POETRY CHAPBOOK: Ghost Matter Dancing Girl Press, July 2016


“Jesus When I Am Seventeen” Prime Number Magazine Issue 131 Read it here

“Meatless” “Brassiere” and “Molly Gator” Reedy Branch Review Volume 2 Read them here

“Soft, Loud” The MacGuffin vol. XXXII no. 1

“Feathered, Giving the Bird” Concisely Magazine, issue 4


“In a Bunker, After” and “#ButcherLockerTalk” S/tick Issue 13:Repeat Defenders Read them here

“His First Encounter” Juked 5.3 read it here

“Ensuring Fidelity” Kaaterskill Basin issue 1.2 read it here

“i’m debating whether or not to attend mass, mom” Driftwood Press April 2015 read it here it was also reviewed in Review Review here

“Currency of Mercy: Chicken” Architrave Press, issue 9 read/order it here

“She Lives in a Pat of Butter” Gargoyle, issue 59—Reprinted in Best New Poets 2013

“One Wood and Three Iron” and “She darkened the lights of every eye on the newsprint with a blue sharpie” I-70 Review—reprinted in the Body Electric Anthology, 2013

“Long Discord” Out of Our, issue 11—reprinted in the Body Electric Anthology, 2013bodyelectric

“Snow’s Bed After the Divorce” On the Dark Path Fairytale Poetry Anthology, 2013 darkpath

“Zac Efron Eaten by a Shark” Goblin Fruit, Spring 2012 read it here

“Unsolicited” and “[Wife] muses [She]” Whiskey Island Review

“Mawing Epiphanies” and “Tinctures” S/tick, issue 3 read them here

“The Anger of Flowers,” Blue Lyra Review, October 2013 read it here

“The Book of Gnashing,” “The Book of Sue,” and “The Book of Knowledge” World to Come Poetry Anthology, Blue Thread Books, April 2015

“Cover to Cover” Shelf Life Magazine, issue 6

“The Unfortunate Cookie” Jellyfish Magazine, issue 2 read it here

“While I, in Ohio, Dreamed of an Intruder” Cell Poems, January 25th 2011 read it here

“Observed, Repeated, Demonstrated” Clutching At Straws, February 5th 2011 read it here

“The Rain Taps the Concrete like Piano Keys” and “Hydrologic Cycle” REAL Regarding Arts and Letters, issue 35.1

“Tulips in Discord” Up the Staircase Quarterly, issue 13 read it here

“Shuffled Cigarettes” Stone Highway Review, issue 2

“Eden Contraction” Compass Rose, issue 12

“Orion Granules” Old Red Kimono, issue 42

“Ellen Baker Went Back to Bed” Hoot May/June 2012 read it here

“True Position” Requiem, Issue 8 read it here

“SpeakType Overhears Parents” Psychic Meatloaf, issue 4

“Outside the Garden” Aryis, 2013 read it here

“Porcelain Intent” Meat for Tea: the Valley Review, Volume 7 issue 3

“Notes on Fleetingly Calvinistic” Revolution House read it here

Fleetingly Calvinistic” Fortunates read it here

“Fragmented Discord” Contraposition, May 2014 read it here